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KWaldrup Studio & Design
KWaldrup Studio & Design


Senior Sessions

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Portrait Pricing Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can 't I add anything to my cart when viewing my images online?  Attention SENIORS:  Online Ordering and Yearbook Selection (s) is not available online.  Please contact the studio to place your order an/or yearbook selections.


How do I choose my Yearbook Image(s)?  Call, email us, or drop by the studio to let us know your yearbook selection.  There is a 4 digit .jpg number associated with each image.  We need the 4 digit number, your seniors name, your school, and event name (if possible).  YOU CAN NOT CHOOSE A YEARBOOK IMAGE ONLINE!!!


Can you see my favorites that I selected online?  NO we can not!


What should I wear for my session?   Solid, bright colors photograph better and shirts with sleeves.  Check out our galleries for portrait ideas and some deomonstration of our background options.


Can I have an outdoor session?  Yes, we have 2 outdoor studios on the premises that are absolutely beautiful.  Our outdoor sessions are probably our most popular sessions.


Do I need to bring a tux?  NO, the studio provides both the tux, shirt and tie, as well as, the drape for your traditional yearbook session.


How long does it take to be photographed?  A session is unique to you.  The time depends on the number of outfits that your bring for your session and how long it takes to change into your outfits.  The actual photo time is about 10-15 minutes per outfit.


How long does it take to be able to view my images?  Your images will be posted online within 2 business days.


How do I see my images?  You are given a username and password with instructions at the time you are photographed.  If you loose your information sheet, give us a call.


How long are my images online?  2 weeks.  We recommend that you make your selections for your schools yearbook quickly or at least document the jpg number(s) of the images that you prefer.


If my images are no longer online, what can I do?  You can either have them reposted for a $25.00 fee, or drop by the studio to view them on our servers in our office.


Do I have do do all of my session at one time?  NO, we can schedule multiple appointments for your convenience.


How long does it take to get my portraits?  Duing peak season, approximately 4-6 weeks.  During non-peak season, about 10 days to 2 weeks.


Do prices include sales tax?  No


Do I have to pay shipping?  Yes


Are the portraits retouched?  Yes, all of our studio portraits are retouched.


What is retouching?  Retouching is the removal of facial blemishes and softening of lines along the eyes and neck area.  All of our studio portraits include Standard Retouching, however, we now offer 3 levels of retouching:


1-Standard Retouching:  Includes removal of facial blemishes, softens the lines on face and neckline.  All portraits include our Standard Retouching Finish.


2-Premium Retouching:  Upgrade to our Premium Retouching for $95

Premium Retouching includes removal of facial blemishes, softens the lines on face and neckline, softens deep lines, removes stray hair, and tones down facial shine.  This service can be applied to up to 4 poses.  Each Additional Pose is $20.00


3-Signature Retouching:  Select our finest-Signature Reouching for $165

Signature Retouching includes removal of facial blemishes (heavy for girls and lighter for boys); simple eye enhancement; saturation pop on backgound,clothing and props; added vignette; blending and evening of skin tones; tone down facial shine; teeth 
whitening; slimming; stray hair removal,;small object removal; and simple glass glare 
removal.  This exquisit finish can be applied to up to 4 poses.  
Each Additional Pose is $20.00


What is Print Enhancement?  Print Enhancements can be added to your portrait on a PER image basis.  Need Tan Lines Removed, Braces, Reconstruction, or any other service not included in the 3 levels of retouching.


What are your prices?  Portrait Pricing Guide (our studio price list) is located under the Prices and Fees Tab and Just for Seniors Tab.

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